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This group was sort of dormant for several months as Melian and I were distracted by some rather strange things.  But, we have returned.  Time to sort through that immense pile of submissions!  Wow!
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Welcome to
Tall Tales Tavern
Beholder Barkeep by MistgodThrag the Barbarion by MistgodTamla original sketch by Mistgod:iconbrewplz:River Paladin - The Human Paladin by shotgunandcookies

The Toast by MasterRoshii

This is a group is a meeting place and forum for anyone interested in fantasy role playing games, fantasy cosplay and LARPing and inspirational fantasy art. It is a great place for DMs, GMs and players to post or share stories, ideas and RPG related art.

Melian's Dreamscape Matrix Computer with DA Green by MelianOfMistMistgod of the Dreamscape by Mistgod

The tavern is owned and operated by me, Mistgod the Wizard, and Melian, a girl from the world of dreams. Melian will be monitoring the group using her Magictron3000 Dreamscape Matrix computer system. I am sure things will go very smoothly most of the time!

Group Rules:

1. Be nice.

2. Sexually explicit, controversial or distasteful art (even with an adult filter) will not be accepted. Deviations containing nudity will not be accepted. There are many younger members under 18 and this is a family friendly group.

3. Art submissions should be related to fantasy role playing games. Incoming art submissions are subject to approval by the founder and cofounder of the group. All art will initially be submitted the New Submissions folder. The group founder (that is I, Mistgod) will then move the deviation to an appropriate gallery folder. I will select what I believe to be the best for the Featured folder. If I feel a deviation does not meet the group theme or submission rules, I will simply decline it or remove it. Don't worry, there are lots of other groups and someone will accept your art with open arms.

4. PLEASE do not submit computer game screen shots (unaltered and unedited screen captures of a game in progress)! These belong in your scrapbook only and not in Tall Tales Tavern. If I even suspect it is a game screenshot, I will decline the submission or remove it. Game developement art that is YOUR OWN WORK should be clearly indicated as such in the artist comments.

5. About Art Theft - Tall-Tales-Tavern group does not condone art theft. If you suspect that stolen art has been submitted to the group gallery, please contact the group founder. Every effort will be made to identify stolen art and remove it. This can take some time. Even when a stolen piece is identified, it takes some time to sift through the gallery and remove the deviation. Ultimately, Tall-Tales-Tavern is not responsible for stolen art. Stolen art should be reported to Deviantart Admin. Confirmed art thieves submitting work that is not theirs will be banned from the group.

6. Banned Members/Open Door Policy - Banned members and those with complaints will be allowed to approach the founder and work things out. As long as I am approached in a reasonable manner, things can get corrected.

8. Trolls will still get the immediate ban without comment treatment. Those banned may appeal to the complaint department for redress.

9. The group founder reserves the right to modify and update the rules in the future when necessary.


Tavern Menu and Bulletin Board

*If you have any suggestions for expanding or improving the menu please comment below. Please be patient on your item being added as it is a process of approval with the main chef (Mungo Mugwort), typing, copying and pasting.
Mug of Ale by VyomaTamla by Mistgod:iconbrewplz:

:iconStarfighterace-421: Argonian Ale (1 gold piece per pint)
:iconmistgod:Orc fire-blood grog (2 copper pieces per pint)
Dwarven Spirits (1 silver piece per pint)
Elven Wine (5 silver pieces per pint)
:iconTheArtisticPony:Strawberry Cordial (1 silver piece per pint)
:iconTheArtisticPony: Cranberry Rum (5 silver pieces per pint)
:iconNikitaDarkStar:Pixiedust brew (people are still arguing over if it was created by a wizard gone mad or was just a faerie prank gone horribly wrong. Either way it's a good way to drown your sorrows... just ignore the pink elephants you're seeing, they're just an illusion. We hope.) (10 gold pieces per glass)
:iconNikitaDarkStar:Hell brew (We don't know what's in it, and judging by the way it smells and bubbles and hisses all on it's own we probably don't want to know. But the devils swear by it and if you want to get drunk fast this is a good choice. Just don't complain about the hangover when you wake up in a couple of days. Also n
:iconMusesTouch:Turkey Leg (1 copper piece)
:iconMusesTouch:Roasted Leg of Roc (specialty for large party 50 gold)
:iconNikitaDarkStar:Roasted Lizard on a stick (the goblin cook swears it's good, and some patrons seem to agree) (1 copper piece).
:iconWhimsySmile: Roast beef with green beans and smashed potatoes (5 copper pieces)
:iconTheArtisticPony:Buttered lamb stew (3 silver pieces)
:iconTheArtisticPony: Bowl of candied chestnuts, raspberry pasties, fresh venison ( perhaps marinated in a sauce or served with a side of wild mushrooms), pickled mushroom pork, biscuits, and strong cockleberry ale. (I made that word up by the way, I thought it sound fun. =P)
:iconNikitaDarkStar: Liquid Bread (No it's actually not ale, or even alcoholic. But it is good for you. And it can be a blessing nutrition-wise if one of the people you punched in last-nights brawls was your groups cleric).
:iconNikitaDarkStar: Assorted berries, fruits and vegetables (for the vegetarians and herbivores) (1 co
Special DelacaciesSpecial Delicacies:
:iconMusesTouch: Fairy Dragon Wings (crispy fried to perfection 5 gold pieces)
served with sweet dipping sauce
:iconShelTheDreamer:Steamed Monstrous Spider Legs with butter sauce (1 silver piece)
Deep Fried Demon Claws with a secret sauce (100 gold pieces)
:iconTheArtisticPony:Roasted Giant Cockroaches and Beetles stuffed with peppers and cabbage (1 copper piece)
:iconStarfighterace-421:Otik's Spiced Fried Potatoes (1 copper piece)
:iconshotgunandcookies: Spicy stir fried grig legs with ginger and mudcrab paste. (5 silver pieces) this appetizer goes great with ale or beer, especially for adventurers looking for something spicy and crunchy. bating and harvesting the grigs are the easy parts, cooking it to remove the "evil" is the hard part.
*If you have any suggestions for expanding or improving the menu please comment below.
TK:  Boarshanks and Ale by Rickitickitavi

**********BULLETIN BOARD***************

Tavern Jokes by Otis the BarkeepTavern jokes from Otis the Barkeep by ~shotgunandcookies :iconshotgunandcookies:
River is a paladin who rents the upstairs of Otis' tavern. Every now and then they have a small chat usually at after hours.
Otis: Say, you ever heard heard about the the four deaf Paladin's?
Otis: Now its FIVE deaf paladins *LOL
River:... *gets annoyed... face palms
Otis: Okay, so a Cleric, a Paladin and an Avenger walk into this bar and see a couple of zombies. they slay the hell out of the undead and then ordered a drink to cool down.
River: ...
Otis: and suddenly this revenant leaves without paying his tab. so i asked the three "hey that's not right. arent you guys gonna do something about this?"
Otis: and then the cleric downed hi pint and said, "meh, SMITE as well" *LOL ... get it? SMITE as well?
River: ...yeah. I get it. Im just not dunk enough for it to be funny.
Otis: okay, lad, I've got another one for you. What to Orcs and beer bottles have on common?
Wanted! by SeithePoke-West: Ellenora Devoix by saurodinusWANTED - T'Shara Iskenduran by Sailmaster-SeionAsh's wanted poster by RonamisThe Ever-mischievous Loki-Jim by shotgunandcookiesWANTED! by IntrecciafoglieBellynn Wanted by BeautifulRoseThornBad Reputation by HuskelbullenWanted Elf by Elves-of-Avarthrel



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The winds can be blamed for a most peculiar behavior as of late. Through various unforeseen circumstances the current has blown a foreign sparrow within these taverns halls. The patrons call her Avery, for this is the only title she will utter, and yet she proves proud to own this single grace. It seems, for now, that the little sparrow shall tend to the Tall-Tale Tavern for an unprecedented amount of time. Consider her position as a bar wench or bar maiden. She knows the laws of ale and fine food as if it is the very air she so breathes. It is a promise-- she will be an excellent host-- but should you find some strange activity such as pints moving on their own or a chromatic flickering of candlelight, you may suspect it to be that of the work of Tallwind.

Thanks for adding Avery Tallwind to your gallery!
MelianOfMist Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You are indeed welcome as is the lovely and enchanting Avery Tallwind!  She adds a measure of grace to this place and all eyes follow her.  She will bring in more business for those who just want to be close to her!  *the tavern keeper smiles at her as he counts the night's profits in silver and gold coins*
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